10 February 2017



Scandinavian design and mid century modern things are a classic even not to mention. But maybe we should mention it a bit and think outside the box we see these design pieces in? Lets take the Seven chair and the Ant chair for example, as they've been for so many years and decades, super popular for it's elegant lines. Most people buy these chairs to place around the dining table. The truth is, that these design pieces should also be thought of in different settings. The Danish brand Fritz Hansen, is one of these brands that do all the marketing and styling of their products superbly. Following their Instagram is inspirational everyday. They use their things to show their customers how amazing it would be, and can be, having these pieces in their homes. As a true believer in placing furniture in different way and thinking about them as multifunctional, I'm showing you in this post how your Seven or Ant chair can get a new life in different circumstances! If you have a few, there is no need in using them all together. Rather where they are at their best and in places you had never thought about putting them. The photos will inspire you to find your design chair a new place in your life. Read more. 

All photos via fritzhansen.dk

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