20 July 2015



Yes, Nutella pizza. Correct. Italians love Nutella and so do we. Nutella is must at home for us. When in need, and nothing delicious to have for tea, Nutella is the saviour on a toast. Our Italian friend can't start his day without Nutella and white loaf. 
Of all the amazing food we had in Italy, Nutella pizza was the one to remember for our daughters. And it can't be more simple. We did it recently in our cottage in the country and ...everybody were Nutella-happy! 
There is no recipe. You need a pizza dough, bought or home made. Make it round and about 1 cm thick. Bake it until soft and lightly golden. Let it cool for few minutes. Cut it in half and spread generous amount of Nutella on both parts. Sandwich it and dust it with some powdery sugar. Then eat and enjoy with happy people. 
Now, as our daughters' birthdays are upcoming, we are definitely going to serve Nutella pizza for the guests. Buon appetito!

 Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious 

14 July 2015



Home. You can feel like home in many other places than actually the one you call "home". Home is here and it can be there. In places you really feel attached to. That get you emotionally. And it can be different places. You just have a feeling of home and that matters. 

Italy had us all in June and we travelled around a lot, from north to south. Iceland is now. The photos from Italy bring memories like photos should do. Following are few of many, many more Gunnar shot there. We will post some more later on. The first photo is probably our most favourite of them all for me and our girls. Italia, Roma, an old and happy lady, smiling to us, living life. A true moment, where we had stopped in an ally in Rome when walking around. And there she came and smiled when she saw us. It's like time just froze actually there with the shot and we remember every detail of that moment. That's the purpose with photos! 

Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious

11 June 2015



This lovely home visit is one for collectors and people loving eclecticism and personality. I've kept it in bookmarks for almost a year but it's via Design Sponge where you can read the article. What I love about it is how the owner is able to mix all the things and objects in an amazing whole to enjoy. Visit Design Sponge for great lifestyle update. 

08 June 2015



Can you imagine living most of the time outside and rooms we're used to have inside are outside? Probably if you're living in a place like Goa in India. The fashion designer Laurence DoligĂ© knows it and has created this dreamy home in the sand. Every summer Home and Delicious have "visited" a home in Goa and now we are there. This visit was found via Lonny Magazine. Visit Lonny for lifestyle update and great interior features. 

04 June 2015



As we are in Italy I thought it might be relevant to post this great eco-friendly B and B, located 15 km from the city of Parma. Il Richiamo del Bosco is in perfect harmony with the environment as it's in the first protected park in Emilia-Romagna and everything was restructured according to the criteria of bio building and energy saving. All is inclusive in this lovely B and B; the country, the environment, the beautiful rooms, eco-friendliness, healthy breakfast... To read more about it visit the website HERE.

29 May 2015



This is such a good dish! You should try it. Pulled pork served in a baked sweet potato with pickled vegetable and sour cream. Pulled pork and pickled veg takes some time to cook BUT not for you to make. The pork should be in the oven for some hours, but it takes you minutes to prepare. The same goes for the veg. The originality of this dish is from a nice restaurant in London we like to visit when we're there, Muriel's kitchen. Once we had it there and when back home we searched on the web to put together some recipe for it. The recipe following is the one we use when making it for our family. Enjoy! 

27 May 2015



Books are essential in every home, beautiful, entertaining and educational. After reading they can have multifunctional purpose as this home in California shows. Books are everywhere and used as decoration, to add hight, add layers – they can be found in various sort of places, but very few of them in bookshelves. So are magazines. This is a home where details are embraced in a flowing space and personal objects and vintage finds make the difference.

22 May 2015



Flowers add colours to a room. 
Have a colourful weekend. 

20 May 2015



Accurate ideas of where to put plants in your home. They can be anywhere really, but the photos show some great places and how to master it with various types of plants. It's easy to find your  plant-category; soft or succulent, big or small, hanging from the ceiling or standing on the floor. Also if you like many of the in a cluster or one on it's own. It all depends. 

19 May 2015



Though in Toscana, Italy, we can grab a thing from here and there all over this home visit to use for ourself, isn't it? (Though in Toscana...understatement – who wouldn't steal the Toscana's scenery!) This holiday home of Marieke and Mark van Kruisjbergen is near the town of Montalcino. It looks fresh and simple in the white shell but warm and tender through strong textural features. For me it's the use of the rough greyish-brown wood boards and concrete floors that made me stop and look at first. I have special interest in both materials and really like the owner's way of using it and how they let it stand out without anything else competing for interest...except the landscape! 

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