29 August 2014



I really want these beautiful images and wonderful project to be found on Home and Delicious. You have probably seen it somewhere but when such a thoughtful design philosophy is the backdrop for creating interiors it's my vision to post it. Ilse Crawford and her team at Studioilse have redesigned the interior of The Apartment to reflect Ilse's design philosophy centred about human life and behaviour, where interiors are more about life rather than objects and how space becomes a home. Enjoy! 

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19 August 2014



True bohemian elegance. Beauty in every corner by Ralp Lauren Home. The Ile Saint-Louis collection is truly said to be a a mix of vintage inspired and industrial design. Great combination where the roughness is softened in grey and lilac hues and a bit of sophistication. Notice all the details: the hight of the chandelier, the great textile, the layering everywhere, the wall lamp for the dining table, the lamp over the kitchen sink and the table in the bathroom. Great ideas for your home probably? 

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18 August 2014

mondays mix: FIRST PICKS


It's monday and we've been living in our most wonderful house for ten days now. Gunnar has been taking some Instagrams of the process and it's still a long way to go as our things are not all there. We need time to think how to display photos, our books and magazines are not there yet and decorating have been waiting. But as it is now we're super happy and some layering happens every day! The shell is in dark and blue hues, the floors are grey in concrete and timber and all the details in white, such as the windows and the doors. Having the shell so flawless makes me feel I want to embrace that cleanliness and I don't need more stuff inside. We don't have more furniture and need some storage in our working area and that's it. But the truth is that our home isn't so much our home until we have our photographs and personal belongings with us. They tell our story. 

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11 August 2014



When moving houses and start to live in a completely different one from what you used to is a challenging task! Challenging I say, because we lived in an open space and I was constantly trying to make some interesting places and islands to divide it a bit and cozy it up. I loved it and have so to speak over the years gained a lot of experience when it comes to open spaces. 
Now as we have moved to down town Reykjavík, the house is from 1928 and so completely different from the old one that almost nothing feels the same, I had to change course and switch my mind to see and feel how our things would fit in. I've had months to plan it and we've been working on the colour palette and mood for quite a long time, and now everything is in ... we couldn't be happier. The house is a gem and being able to be a part of such an amazing project as is has been renovating it has been a privilege. 
Following are some images I've used to get inspired but mostly I use them to remember things I have already decided; a table here and mirror there. Remember the round table in the cellar and use it by the window. Daybed is a future finding. Painting the old mirror in the wall colour and so on. Hope you like these photos as much as I do! 

08 August 2014


As you have noticed we haven't been updating Home and Delicious as often as we like recently. Some summer holiday there, for you and us. We've been a lot on the road and in the country. But our time has been spent a lot on a project we're finishing the first part tonight; we are moving and following are some new adventures. As soon as we have internet in the new house we will start making fresh posts on Home and Delicious. Have a nice weekend everybody! 

04 August 2014


photo hbg

25 July 2014


A hat is always a great accessory, whatever season it is. It really sets the tone to a dress. During summer it's lightweight and supposed to shields from the sun. In autumn and winter it shields from rain and snow. But we really don't need a purpose to use a hat. I think more often women need to find the confidence to use it. Be brave and do what you want. Put on the hat! 

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