26 January 2015



Gunnar went to New York in December with his brother in law. Great trip for him and as you can see some great food too! He went to this place called Eataly and enjoyed it there as we love and live for Italian food. Ummmm...wouldn't mind some! On friday we had a dinner party and Gunnar cooked the first course, one of the dishes he had at Eataly. It was terrific and super simple grilled vegetables, olives and mozzarella. Then we had carpaccio, canneloni and almond tart. So delicious.

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22 January 2015



Long and cozy sweaters – great weekend outfits. Super comfy and look well worn with something tight under neath. Cardigans also suit as sweater jackets. The overalls like sweater dresses. Cool with flat boots, sneakers and flats to keep the comfy factor through the weekend.

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21 January 2015



It's light, dramatic and edgy today on Home and Delicious but yesterday it was dark, dramatic and edgy! I thought it might be fair to post as dramatic light spaces now as the dark one I did, to show you it works equally as well as far as the interior and decoration is packed with soul, energy and personality. The edgy twist is always needed to make a room interesting, whatever colour you choose on the walls. These photos following move my feelings! 

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20 January 2015



I find it harder and harder to be truly mesmerized by interior spaces and probably even more when we have all these millions and billions of photos floating around on the internet. Zillions are very nice but too few, to my taste, really move me. I can see a very interesting photo that makes me curious and more often than not, when seeing the whole space, apartment or a house something is missing for me. They might look gorgeous but the soul is missing, the energy and personality. That's the reason I'm not posting a home visit today. I preferred to find some intriguing photos that I love and "read" as amazing in this dark, dramatic and edgy interior that I'm always in love with! Hope you'll like it too.

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19 January 2015



Two of our friends lost a parent on saturday, a mother and a father. We are thinking about them. Missing a close relative brings back endless memories and many of them are related to things and objects that connected you to the lost one. It feels better seeing and being around these things and having photos of your loved one visible. To see, touch, smell, feel. The memories. 

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18 January 2015



Photo by Halla Bára

16 January 2015



Stay curious it says. Be curious in life to learn and evolve. To care for others. To feel what you and others need. By then you understand people's actions and see the truth. Designers who work with people's needs in creating a private or public area should from that point be able to think logically about interior and living design. 

A space that reads; personality involved...is a friendly one. It tells stories of people living there and you really want to read some of them. Eye catching areas and vignettes are big chapters in the stories and from them you understand the main characters. For me, these photos following are inspiring. As often before, photos I've had on my desktop for myself to enjoy. For me they show relaxed atmosphere that you get drawn into for the personal spirit and creative feeling. Really lovely! 

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