30 September 2014

ECLECTIC, WHITE AND BRIGHT: the french riviera



What about this stunning view over the Mediterranian? The apartment seems a happy and personal place where eclectic mix, white shell and touch of colour play the role in letting the view be a part of the home and its surrounding. Fresh and bright, black and white tiles, lovely culinary kitchen and the decorating mirrors are something to notice. 

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25 September 2014



For denim lovers, when the denim skirt is IN they celebrate. When the hemlines are shorter or longer than usual, the also celebrate. They appreciate the varieties in all things denim. These photos are for true lovers of denim and skirts in general.

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24 September 2014

CLASSIC, VINTAGE, MODERN: home in holland


The Dutch interior magazine VT Wonen is one I really like to read when I get my hands on it. Their website is also loaded with nice interior and decoration ideas. On their web I found this interesting home in the Hague. It's yet classic, vintage and modern; combination sometimes difficult to master but when so super interesting to look at.

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22 September 2014



On monday mornings it can be hard enough to wake up and get everybody out of bed. Then it might be a faraway thinking to make up the bed and you leave the house in a rush. But to stop procrastinate making up the bed on mondays it's essential to know some super easy ways to do it in no time. I always do it the same way though there are days that I'm not in the mood and think it's cosy having it undone, specially during weekends. I prefer my bed relaxed and the cushions comfy and not to many. It's also much better if the inner cushion is well shaped to arrange it nicely. Following are some ideas for you to make up your bed every monday morning and the mornings there after! 

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19 September 2014



Remember I talked about the impact and big difference black and white interior shots have to the coloured one. You can see it very clearly on these two images. Gunnar kind of shot this by coincidence in our old home a while ago when trying his camera. Notice the different vibe and feeling when looking at the black and white one. It almost feels like old and much more a photo you would copy and put in a frame. The coloured one is more for interior books and magazines. Have a nice weekend! 

Photo Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious

18 September 2014



If there is one thing I couldn't possibly be without in my closet it's jeans, everything denim and chambray. I wouldn't need so much more...uhhh, notice NEED but I know I would love to have something more! I tend to stop and watch closer photos showing some nice denim combinations and details and following are some interesting to look at. What a versatile piece of fabric.

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17 September 2014



Arranging and choosing cushions is something many people want to feel right in their sofa – to feel good in it and so it looks good too. I think the images I chose with this post show examples to have in mind. Don't have the cushions all the same size, some bigger and some smaller. Choose cushions or inner cushions that look and feel full and feathery so the cushions look their best. Make a colour palette that works for your and your interiors and mix pattern and stripes. Arrange the cushions differently, not just in one corner. More all the way like above. From the corner and to the middle and one in the other corner like below. In the middle and skip the corners. Let them stand and lay flat and prop against each other. Good luck!

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