12 September 2014

fashionweek: FOR YOU TO WEAR


With street style photography and personal fashion blogs the fashion world has changed. So has the fashion driven media. Now we're longing to see how people are dressed in real life and when the fashion weeks are running we like to see nice clothing and combinations on people attending the runways as much as the collection presented. I always search the street style features on the major websites these fashion weeks and think the same; as much as I like to see interestingly and nicely dressed people I search for combinations and look that suits me for everyday life here in Reykjavík. Now I searched the great Tommy Ton on Style.com and stopped immediately when I saw these images that are following. I hope you'll do that too!

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09 September 2014

domestic setting: MORE OF ILSE CRAWFORD


This is not a real home although it seems to be. It's a real life domestic setting of a fictious  Finnish-German couple Harri and Astrid. An installation in the loft of Herzog & de Meuron's  Vitrahaus on the Weil am Rhein campus by the designer Ilse Crawford and her people at Studioilse. The idea was to bring to life Vitra and Artek's portfolios in one setting for the first time. Great and wonderful combination of design classics, artistic and bohemian atmosphere where the one of a kind touch of Crawford and her team masters all the details needed to make an installation feel like a home.

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04 September 2014



So impeccably classy but yet so cool, chic and relaxed. White in various and softest tones is the colour to use all year round and play every season with form and texture. White in autumn when the skin is still a bit sun kissed is faultless, whether dressed up and down, homey or for work. When a bit colder, nothing beats the chunky sweater, white jeans and white shirt used in various ways.

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03 September 2014



Everything goes in circles and as we are in september it's time to start talking about the importance of lamps. The underestimated implement in making a home enticing. I will never get tired of telling people to buy lamps here and there for their home and to show them how mood altering they are. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, more the right size and form than anything else so it will fit the space it's supposed to fill. 
Now we talk about lamps that are there to give light more than be a statement. Such lamps play "hide and seek" as they become a part of a display or arrangement without getting all the attention. They add light and therefor mood in between beautiful objects. Try rice paper lamps, little glass balls and office lamps and they can do miracles.

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02 September 2014



This weekend Gunnar grabbed his old Hasselblad and shot some photos on film in black and white in our new home. Simple shots of normal things that please the eye in our everyday life. I like seeing things in black and white and how everything turns into much more arty stuff than how we see it by our own eyes. It always makes me feel I want him to turn it to paper and frame it. Maybe I will.

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Photos Gunnar Sverrisson / Home and Delicious

01 September 2014



The Danish brand House Doctor has always been one of my favourite to use for my work. Why? For their mixed style, eclectic mood and the way they make their catalogue to inspire their buyers. Once a year they publish their Everyday catalogue and also Moments and there you can find really great images where the styling is made for real homes and it's easy to "steal" the lay-out and displays. 
Last months we've been using their products for our upcoming project and what I like the most is that the House Doctor stuff is perfect to mix with other furniture and objects and have one of a kind things that add the touch and some wow factor in a room. I chose some photos from the new Moments catalogue to show you what I'm talking about and of course to enjoy of your own! 

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29 August 2014



I really want these beautiful images and wonderful project to be found on Home and Delicious. You have probably seen it somewhere but when such a thoughtful design philosophy is the backdrop for creating interiors it's my vision to post it. Ilse Crawford and her team at Studioilse have redesigned the interior of The Apartment to reflect Ilse's design philosophy centred about human life and behaviour, where interiors are more about life rather than objects and how space becomes a home. Enjoy! 

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